Random Philosophical or Sentimental Crap


Is there a connection between art being what makes life worth living (vs merely surviving blah blah) and it being what distracts us from our responsibility(ies) to one another/our community/country/whatever? (yes I know it can be leveraged to inspire us to action, but still)


“when you’re consuming it and having feelings about it” – that’s what art is supposed to do to you.

Everything after that is what you do with your own emotions.



ear (fellow) nerds, do not be afraid to grow. Facts are useful and fiction can be enlightening, but they will not expand your mind like direct experiences will. Learn what it means to be human – and understand that more often than not that probably entails an ineffable mix of humility and confidence. Good luck, we’re all counting on you.



This post is meant to be more anthropological than sentimental. I think an important part of love is finding someone who wants to live in the same world as you.


Articles about Board Games

Good article on different types of games with examples for each – I’m definitely going to have to check out Core Worlds, and a few others



Holy crap this is practically a vocation to me. A game that has a moment of horrifying discovery, that’s educational, and that makes you wonder whether you should actually enjoy playing it?



No Mandate

Trump won by the skin of his teeth (less than 1% in 3 key states). DeVos was appointed by a tie-breaker. Both of these situations were a result of well-executed strategy. You can blame whomever you feel is responsible or you can ask yourself what more you can be doing to make a 1% or a 1 vote difference.

And by no means should you limit yourself to the political sphere in your pursuit of making your voice heard and/or bringing about the change you wish to see.

What’s up with that featured image?

Getting Started (and why a revolution-y poster if I’m not advocating for revolution)

It’s a place-holder, but why this image rather than literally anything else that fit the dimensions?

Because I am NOT advocating revolution. This is fan art based on cartoon villain propaganda from an animated series I’m fond of. He is a politician who builds a cult of personality around himself using the fear of others’ power (their magic powers, really) and manipulation of the word “equality” to whip the people of Republic City into a frenzy. I also like the aesthetics of the image.