Assorted Articles (Aug-Oct 2016)

  1. I understand right now the message is “OMG NOT [the candidate I don’t want]” – but I feel like, along with maybe paying more attention to “third party” candidates earlier and more broadly than just during Presidential campaign season, we should also be paying more attention to who is supporting (or ignoring, as the case may be) the seemingly crazy things our political perceived-opposition says/does/did and genuinely attempting to understand why they support (or ignore) those crazy things, instead of stopping at disbelief and revulsion and writing them off as corrupt or idiots, etc.

    Whether their grievances are legitimate or not, the nature of our country is such that they will (continue to) have an impact on our culture as well as on our policy.

    If you get bored with the video (which only addresses Trump supporters), just skip to the last 60 seconds of it, because that’s the part that prompted me to share it and say this anyway.



“The lives of Black people are infinitely more valuable than material things like windows, cars or property. Police in this city are more concerned with prosecuting vandalism than they are with the shooting death of another black person. The mayor and the governor of this state are spending time and countless resources protecting the business district and the city’s money­making institutions, but continue to ignore the needs and the demands of the communities they swore and were elected to serve. We will no longer stand for the routine
murders of Black people by an unaccountable system of policing. While the right to own a gun is valued as a cornerstone of American citizenship, the right of Black people to live through a police encounter is not equally valued, “

“There’s an uprising in Charlotte because there is still so much we don’t know. Our city’s intent to cover up and edit the facts, and craft a narrative that benefits them does nothing to create trust, safety or transparency. ”



I think it’s ethically questionable to post graphic content to social media. I think it’s unethical to censor non-graphic content. I was naive enough to think this kind of shit didn’t happen in the US. Apparently it’s not the first time either:…/facebook-now-blocking-re-p…

Let me know if you come across a “things you can do about it” other than vote with your feet to another social media platform.


4) This series of articles wrapped up earlier this month. I haven’t read it all, but what I have read leads me to believe it’s worth your time as well:…/king-combatting-police-brutali… (this URL is for the final article, the shared post below is for the intro to the series)


5) way deeper than at first it seems:


6) “Work hard, but don’t grind for years and years building an empire because if you do, then you’ll get taken down and the audience will cheer at your suffering. …
That’s when they become dangerous. That’s when they become the villainess. Somewhere in there, they stop caring about what other people think, and they get what they want, and they turn into cautionary tales: something bad is waiting for the woman who goes that way.”


“Since the beginning of the year, the Baltimore Police Department had been using the plane to investigate all sorts of crimes, from property thefts to shootings. The Cessna sometimes flew above the city for as many as 10 hours a day, and the public had no idea it was there.”

“McNutt says he’s sure his system can withstand a public unveiling and that the more people know about what his cameras can—and can’t—do, the fewer worries they’ll have. But the police ultimately decide who and what should be tracked. In a city that’s struggled to convince residents that its police can be trusted, the arguments are now Baltimore’s to make.”